May 25, 2018 | Updated: December 11, 2019


Porcelanosa Group Projects: The Berkshire House ventilated facade impresses with the XLIGHT by Urbatek and the BUTECH systems

The Goddar Manton Architects studio has overseen the refurbishment of this building from the 60s

Butech joined the XLIGHT wall tile in the Coal Code, Code Beige, Gray Code and Emotion Snow models

In the heart of Maidenhead, Berkshire, in the UK, there is the Berkshire House apartment block. A privileged place with multiple facilities in which the Essential Living Real Estate agency and the Goddar Manton Architects architecture studio decided to inaugurate these exclusive homes.

The architecture office had the large XLIGHT porcelain tile by Urbatek and the Butech building systems, the best solution for creating the ventilated facade of this building.

The new architecture of this fourteen-floor building dates back to the 60s, the time in which its structures and services were built, which today, are still in fine working order. The XLIGHT ventilated facade provides an acoustic insulation with its air chamber. A direct consequence between the outdoor façade, covered with XLIGHT and its indoor wall. Energy saving. Aesthetic commitment.

During the installation of this porcelain tile facade, the building systems company from Butech joined the XLIGHT by Urbatek in the: XLIGHT CODE Coal, XLIGHT CODE Beige, XLIGHT CODE Gray and XLIGHT EMOTION Snow model on aluminium frames. Elements that were anchored to the structure through a hidden clamp system and male and female profiles.

Mounting systems that, together with the XLIGHT's performance, have created a versatile façade that meets the expectations of demanding, modern and practical architecture of today. Cutting-edge functional designs. Future vision.

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