Modern bathroom furniture

Bathroom cabinetry that looks to the future

PORCELANOSA Group bathroom cabinetry is committed to classic and avant-garde designs that prioritize user convenience

Using materials such as wood, glass, and KRION®, this bathroom cabinetry allows for spaces to be organized in a balanced way
Cabinetry suspended or raised a few centimeters from the ground and with internal organizers or drawers optimize possibilities for bathrooms and expand their capacity

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Bathroom cabinetry

PORCELANOSA Group's L'Antic Colonial, Gamadecor, and Krion companies offer a wide variety of bathroom cabinetry. Cabinetry for under the sink, adjustable cabinetry, anti-scratch countertops, mirrors, open shelves, high-capacity drawers, or modular bathroom accessories are just some of the products suggested for bathrooms.

Cabinetry that adapts to each space

All bathroom cabinetry offered by PORCELANOSA Group can be adapted to its surroundings. Designed for any type of interior design or aesthetic, all cabinetry models seek to optimize space as much as possible. The durability and finishes of the materials featured in this type of cabinetry such as natural wood, marble, and KRION®, give more sophistication to residential or contract type projects.

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