Wall tiles

Vinyl wall tiles

Vinyl cladding based on textiles or wood

Textile cladding is one of the most widely used resources in industrial or boho-chic interior design

L'Antic Colonial has reframed the concept of vinyl cladding with Linkfloor, a material resistant to abrasion and impacts and whose designs simulate the textures of textiles, wood, or stone
Each and every Linkfloor design offers versatility, resistance, and freshness for both indoor and outdoor spaces. This material strengthens different areas and is increasingly used in commercial establishments and large homes

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Linkfloor vinyl cladding

Linkfloor is a vinyl material from L'Antic Colonial that recreates the aesthetics and textures of textiles, wood, and stone. The material's polyester and fiberglass interior gives it greater resistance to abrasion, the effects of water or chemicals, moisture, and stains. Among its 12 collections, Contract, Wall Contract, Rock and Eco are notable vinyl cladding options. The material is very easy to install, either floating via the Lock system or by using the traditional glue down method. Linkfloor is low-maintenance and easy to clean. These properties make it the perfect solution for hotels, offices, and large homes.
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