August 10, 2018 | Updated: December 11, 2019


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: volume combination for a single-family home in Murcia

The house, located in Fuente Álamo, has been refurbished with materials from the Porcelanosa Group.

The ventilated façade by Butech provides the building with sustainable resistance.

The PORCELANOSA Group has been involved in the refurbishment of the 350m2 façade of this single-family home located in Murcia, which makes the most of the natural light, thanks to its volume combination. We are dealing with a cubic-sized space which has been renovated with the most innovative materials.

A highly-resistant ventilated façade with Ston-ker

The ventilated façade by Butech is the element which visually stands out the most. High technology applied to the building, which results in a significant energy saving, as well as an improvement in sound insulation, something that is a must in high-traffic areas. It is presented as a building system which is highly suitable for refurbishments, thanks to its quick and easy installation, and its low maintenance.

Being pure-lined and in a white, when combined with natural wood, the façade offers great resistance, thanks to the choice of the Technic Nieve Ston-Ker wall tile from Porcelanosa. A ceramic material which is able to withstand unfavourable weather conditions. The pieces, with a 59.6cmx120cm format, have been installed with 5mm joints, which results in a very neat and clean aesthetic.

Energy efficiency by Noken

With regard to the bathroom refurbishment in the house located in Fuente Álamo, the latest technology from Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms has also been used. The Hotels, Acro N and NK Logic taps provide aesthetic innovation, whereas the Square Cromo and Neptune Slim Square shower heads give the set an avant-garde touch.

The TakeOff sanitaryware, whose seat can be disassembled for a more comfortable and efficient cleaning, along with The Mood and Urban C bathroom accessories in a chrome finish, complete an atmosphere of sophistication, which respects the environment, without foregoing the cutting-edge aesthetic.

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