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Anti-slip flooring

Non-slip flooring for large projects

Non-slip flooring is designed for indoor and outdoor spaces and features Nanoker technology that provides durability and safety conditions for longer

PORCELANOSA Group's Nanoker technology protects the colors of the ceramic tiles and gives their surfaces greater smoothness and durability
Non-slip flooring requires little maintenance and its finishes provide a uniform aesthetic with no relief or white spots

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Non-slip flooring

Porcelanosa has developed Nanoker technology for the manufacture of non-slip versions of all its ceramic flooring collections. This system allows for the creation of a nano-structured surface, creating a uniform texture on the tile surface that is very different from the rough texture found in conventional finishes.

The creation of a nano-structured non-slip surface was made possible thanks to a collaboration between PORCELANOSA Group and the Institute of Ceramic Technology (ITC), a world leader in the field of ceramic research and innovation. The result is a non-slip surface with a pleasant smooth texture that is long-lasting and requires little maintenance.

In contrast with other processes used to achieve non-slip flooring, Nanoker technology retains the original color tones of the tile, avoiding the whitish appearance of some other anti-slip finishes on the market. This means that these non-slip floor tiles can be perfectly combined with base tiles to create spaces with uniform finishes.

More durable and low-maintenance non-slip flooring.

Nanoker technology also offers a more durable non-slip quality, as the absence of exaggerated reliefs allows initial safety conditions to be maintained for longer. It also requires little maintenance: This system offers results that are resistant to chemical agents and impacts and which are easy to clean thanks to the microscopic roughness of the surface.

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