Kitchen worktops

Contemporary kitchen countertops

Technological advances and careful design have enabled the development of spacious, bright kitchen countertops with convenience as their mainstay

PORCELANOSA Group countertops stand out for their high resistance, simplicity, and ease of cleaning
The simple lines and timeless design of these pieces expand the aesthetic possibilities and sweep of any kitchen

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Kitchen countertops for spaces with personality

PORCELANOSA Group kitchen countertops offer greater durability and sophistication to all kinds of projects. With large format XTONE Xlight porcelain or KRION® Solid Surface, kitchens reflect a unified aesthetic approach that can be extended into other rooms such as living rooms and terraces.

Countertops built with KRION® withstand both high and low temperatures and external wear. KRION® products are characterized by a smooth texture, a lack of joints, and a total lack of porosity, characteristics that enable sinks and cooking areas to be integrated into the same structure. Their chemical resistance is capable of withstanding concentrated acids and resisting stains and high temperatures. The material's flame retardant properties allow it to come into contact with high temperatures without suffering any damage and make it food grade, as certified by the UNE-EN ISO 1186 standard. It is also a hypoallergenic material and the chemical welding between pieces creates continuous surfaces without separations. With KRION®, the possibilities are endless. As well as being offered in over 100 colors, the product has thermoforming capacity, a recyclable composition, and antibacterial properties.

Countertops built with XTONE's XLight porcelain are resistant to abrasion and thermal shock, are not affected by solar radiation, are fireproof and flame retardant, unalterable by chemical solvents, waterproof, and easy to clean.

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