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Porcelain stoneware represents a breakthrough in ceramic materials. It has high strength and durability and is easy to maintain and clean

Porcelain stoneware has become a favorite material for housing projects and the contract sector. Due to its solid composition and appearance, this material can be incorporated into spaces with high levels of traffic or exposure (ventilated and glued facades)
Due to its ability to withstand high temperatures, impacts, and blows, as well as its anti-slip properties, PORCELANOSA Group has continued to develop research into new formulas and formats for porcelain stoneware. The collections of this product are inspired by fine materials such as wood, marble, and granite (STON-KER and XLight)

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Porcelain stoneware

PORCELANOSA Group porcelain stoneware is adaptable to the needs of each project. Durable, restrained, bright, and balanced, this material is the perfect solution for large areas or projects such as shopping centers, work centers, or public buildings. The elegance, brilliance, consistency, and low maintenance of this material make it increasingly used for terraces and facades (XLight and STON-KER). This is also the case with non-slip tiles that withstand regular use and remain intact over time.
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