Floor tiles

Ceramic floor tiles

Ceramic flooring that blends with its surroundings

The ceramic flooring of PORCELANOSA Group stands out for its remarkable strength, innovative design and meticulous finishes

The ceramic flooring of PORCELANOSA Group is designed in accordance with the parameters of natural materials such as wood (PAR-KER), stone (STON-KER), cement-inspired industrial compounds and metal
This type of flooring gives any space an increased sense of warmth and continuity. These tiles are designed in several styles and share a single structure. This composition allows for the unification of different areas and can be used to expand living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and terraces

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Ceramic flooring

PORCELANOSA Group specializes in the design and manufacture of ceramic flooring. Its technological innovation and product quality have made it a leader in the domestic and international sectors. For the company, nature and its resources are not only a priority, but a source of inspiration. Hence the development of ceramic parquet like PAR-KER or ceramic stone such as STON-KER.

Ceramics for all types of floors

Cement is another material present in several of the PORCELANOSA Group collections. Based on texture and simplicity, the ceramic collections that use this compound are highly sustainable as they have been manufactured through recycling other materials or products. Stone also has a strong presence in the group's ceramic flooring and cladding. The texture of granite, limestone, quartzite, and basalt are reproduced in various Porcelanosa collections, including Venis Project, Gamadecor, Butech, and Xtone. Of its various styles, the sand, gray, white, and beige-colored tiles are among the most popular. Simplicity for all tastes.

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