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Natural stone flooring for indoor and outdoor spaces

The hardness and durability of natural stone makes it ideal for wet rooms such as bathrooms and terraces

PORCELANOSA Group's L'Antic Colonial company gathers a large number of simple, timeless natural stone types in its catalog. This range includes slate, limestone, quartzite, and marble

Natural stone flooring

The L'Antic Colonial natural stone range can be used for flooring or cladding, given its consistency and durability.

Natural stone flooring

L'Antic Colonial's careful selection of natural stone offers several designs and finishes that can be used as stone flooring or cladding. Among the most prominent stone varieties are sandstone, slate, limestone, quartzite, and marble. The hardness and consistency of these pieces are combined with the multiple creative options they offer for each project. Every layout and texture can be cut to size, thus adapting to the needs of each project. This custom cutting enables the creation of highly personalized and resistant interiors and exteriors, as well as furniture or accessories for the home.

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