Wall tiles

Ceramic wall tiles

Ceramic cladding that optimizes resources

The ceramic cladding of PORCELANOSA Group is defined by its innovative and discreet design, high technical performance, and smooth texture

Designed for all types of projects, Porcelanosa, Venis Project, and Xtone ceramic cladding can be integrated into spaces without creating contrasts or disparities between areas
Designed to complement or highlight a project's main structure, ceramic cladding acoustically insulates and protects areas such as bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. Oriental, rustic, or industrial style, linear or textured, these ceramic pieces respond to different customer needs and profiles. Universal design

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Ceramic cladding with its own personality

Ceramic cladding is highly resistant to natural and chemical agents, scratches, blows, and wear from constant use. Designed for installation in residential, public, and contract projects, the ceramic pieces of PORCELANOSA Group combine technology, design, and quality in anticipation of future trends.

The multiple colors, designs, and formats offered in the ceramic cladding match with any type of interior design or setting. With nature as its main source of inspiration, this type of cladding provides rooms such as bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms with more space and light. Textures based on natural wood, marble, or cement are some of the most popular offerings for residential and contract projects.

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