Sanitary ware

Toilet designs thought out down to the last detail

Noken toilets combine design, technology, and functionality in each of their collections

For better use of the bathroom, each PORCELANOSA Group toilet comes in an endless array of sizes, materials and formats with the customer's comfort in mind
The elegant forms of the toilets are in line with a modern bathroom concept. From models with a tank to those suspended from the wall, all designs allow for the optimization of space without altering the bathroom's original layout

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The toilets offered by Noken, PORCELANOSA Group's bathrooms company, are characterized by their high performance and innovative design. The toilets with tanks are anchored to the floor and leave their tanks visible in any bathroom. Tankless toilets hide their tank when installed, with only the toilet bowl exposed above the floor To further enhance the space, the company has designed a suspended toilet where the tank is hidden and the bowl is suspended above the ground. Many of these models can include ECO discharge mechanisms to save up to 25% of water compared to conventional toilet systems.
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