Floor tiles

Decorative floor tiles

Artistic flooring for the modern home

PORCELANOSA Group rediscovers the symbols and techniques of modernist art in much of its ceramic collections

Companies such as Porcelanosa or Venis Project have used geometric and floral drawings on many of their hydraulic tiles
Inspired by the modernism of Gaudí, this type of ceramic flooring vitalizes spaces using ornamental designs and pure colors

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Decorative flooring

PORCELANOSA Group has developed a series of ceramic flooring designs that return to the Art Nouveau style of the nineteenth century. Floral, geometric, circular, and mosaic designs define hydraulic tiles from the Porcelanosa Antique and Barcelona collections and the Roche and Vintage (Venis Project) collections. Their aged and weathered appearance complements those vintage interiors that turn old objects into new or vice versa. Classic designs that never go out of style.
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