RevestimientoPiedraNatural - Marble - Porcelanosa
RevestimientoPiedraNatural - Travertine - Porcelanosa
RevestimientoPiedraNatural - Slate - Porcelanosa
RevestimientoPiedraNatural - Cuarcita - Porcelanosa
RevestimientoPiedraNatural - Sandstone - Porcelanosa

Centennial stone cladding

The natural stone varieties selected by L'Antic Colonial give each space greater brilliance and volume

Timeless, solid, and of great artistic value, L'Antic Colonial natural stone remains unaffected by the passage of time and transcends fashions and trends

Natural stone cladding

Natural stone cladding is defined by its consistency and lasting beauty.

Cladding with natural stone

L'Antic Colonial natural stone cladding gives different spaces great resistance and durability. With tones varying from white to brown, gray or beige, natural stone coatings increase the brilliance and capacity of bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. Cut to size and installed as a single structure, each of these pieces has different finishes and textures to meet the needs of each project. Creative gemology.

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