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Technical porcelain

The latest trend in technical porcelain

Technical porcelain falls within the Premium category of porcelain stoneware, and is able to unify indoor and outdoor spaces within the same structure

PORCELANOSA Group has developed a technical porcelain that exceeds the capabilities, attributes, and properties of the porcelain stoneware currently in use
Versatile and easy to install and clean, Porcelanosa's technical porcelain withstands the effects of chemical agents, blows, scratches, and high temperatures. With various formats, styles, and finishes, technical porcelain is increasingly used in facades and outdoor areas, as its absorption rate is less than 0.1%. All its polished, lacquered, natural, or textured finishes enhance the interior design of different rooms

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Porcelanosa technical porcelain

Porcelanosa's technical porcelain has been developed according to market trends and demand. With an absorption rate of less than 0.1%, colored throughout its mass, unglazed, and completely vitrified, this material enables different trends and aesthetics to be blended in a uniform and balanced way.

Capable of withstanding chemical agents, impacts, abrasions, water spots, stains, and cleaning products, these collections are designed for large projects in the real estate and contract sectors.

With a wide variety of styles, finishes, and colors, the nuances of each product facilitate the creation of unique spaces where design is the basis of everything.

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