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Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring, the most durable solution for everyday use

Laminate flooring is defined by its durability and impeccable aesthetic

L'Antic Colonial offers a collection of 11 styles of laminate flooring designed in medium and large formats for all types of projects
The versatility and easy installation of L'Antic Colonial's laminate flooring have made it one of the brand's star materials. In addition to its warmth and simplicity, its high technical performance helps balance the aesthetics and temperature of any room

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Laminate flooring

L'Antic Colonial laminate flooring provides a greater sense of authenticity and warmth to any space. Easy installation and durability make them suitable for any project, whether indoor or outdoor. Based on the colors of natural wood, the different L'Antic Colonial collections have a rustic touch typical of vintage woodcarving. The Natural Collection reproduces the grains and colors of planed natural wood. Of great style and brilliance, the Supreme collection presents different finishes with the laminate AC4 and remains intact even in high-traffic areas. The Genuine, Residence, and Style laminates create wide, warm spaces and allow different rooms to be unified in the same aesthetic line. The Style and Endless laminate flooring varieties offer a wide range of warm colors and their natural finishes make them ideal in large areas. Abrasion, impact, and scratch resistant, L'Antic Colonial's natural laminated collections are easy to clean and require low maintenance.
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