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Natural, luxurious designs for large projects. The impeccable artisanal aesthetic of PORCELANOSA Group cladding makes each room a natural haven

The detail, innovation, and lightness of PORCELANOSA Group pieces reinforce the personality of every space. Based on fine materials such as wood, precious stone, and vintage pottery, the cladding of our companies returns to the essence of nature to create unique and inimitable spaces

Cladding material

Durable and unique design that enriches every space.

Types of cladding

The warm, soft tones and the smooth, rough, or textured surfaces of the cladding allow it to be incorporated into any type of project, reformulating the design and use of bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and terraces.

Artistic cladding

Formed by carefully worked tesserae, PORCELANOSA Group mosaics reframe the traditional structures of bathrooms and kitchens with their geometric shapes and textures.

Decorative profiles that discreetly and perfectly pair ceramic with stone or wood and unify the different materials within the same structure.


PORCELANOSA Group cladding is defined by its high strength, delicate design, and ease of cleaning. With a smooth or rough texture, and volume or an aged appearance, ceramic cladding pieces create original and brilliant rooms with unlimited potential.

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