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Metal Effect Tiles

Metal Effect Tiles

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Metallic Effect Tiles

The purpose of ceramic floor and wall tiles with a metal finish is to create environments that stand out, in some cases providing hints of industrial character and, in others, finishes with a sophisticated appearance.

Sparkles and reflections in metallic effect tiles

Metallic sparkles and reflections are, thanks to their attractive properties, valuable decorative elements of interior design which, in addition to being used in accessories, fabrics and furniture, can also be applied to floor and wall decoration.

Ceramic tiling with finishes that replicate sheet metal or metal mesh or which emulate glints of rust and reflections of aged metals are just a few ideas and options for including these finishes in interior design projects with a highly visual result in mind.

In addition to floor tiles and wall tiles that emulate metals such as platinum, brass, aluminium and titanium, there are, among the more noteworthy products on offer, relief wall tiles that reproduce prism-based shapes. These pieces, made in a near-hand-crafted manner with finishes such as silver and bronze, bestow a smooth and slick texture, becoming the centre of attention in the room due to their avant-garde appearance.

Advantages of using ceramic in wall and floor tiles

Ceramic wall and floor tiles can be used in architecture to shape constructive approaches in interiors, exteriors, residential and commercial spaces or highly-transited areas. Their high durability and resistance make them highly suited to any space. Its inexpensive maintenance and low environmental impact, in addition to its high degree of resistance to chemicals and atmospheric agents, make ceramic tiling the ideal material in terms of efficiency and strength.

Ceramic is also considered to be an environmentally-friendly material since it is reusable, easily degradable and manufactured via increasingly cleaner production methods.