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Solidker, the technical porcelain that turns projects into eternal spaces

Thanks to its strength and resistance in the face of adverse conditions, PORCELANOSA Group's technical porcelain is one of the ideal materials for major projects

Solidker has multiple finishes and formats with a common feature: all collections are classified as "full body". In other words, the parts are made up entirely of the same material
Technical porcelain is designed for the most demanding projects, as it exceeds strict quality controls in the production plant itself, thus complying with rigorous regulations both nationally and internationally

Solidker, full body porcelain stoneware

The high technical standards offered by technical porcelain reinforce the idea of a strong and durable material to achieve success in any project. Thanks to its features, Solidker offers indoor and outdoor flooring and wall tiles with significant resistance to extreme temperatures, spaces with high traffic or movements of goods, among others.

Accuracy and perfection

Accuracy and perfection are two of the premises with which PORCELANOSA Group manufactures the full body technical porcelain to ensure the parts are modular. They must present identical dimensions, thicknesses, straight sides and flatness with the aim of obtaining regular and uniform surfaces. The firm also has a multitude of finishes and textures that can be used individually or in combination, adapting to all types of spaces.

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