Airslate, an ageless slate that withstands the passage of time

Airslate is the L'Antic Colonial company's collection of eight choices of slate that lends any space a sense of elegant restraint with their black, gray, or brown tones

The Airslate collection is composed of tiles with a thickness of between 0.2 and 0.4 cm and can be installed in curved or flat areas
Its versatility allows it to wrap walls, sinks, and columns, and its properties withstand the passage of time and human impact (shocks and water spots)

Airslate. Reduced-thickness natural stone laminates

Although natural slate is somewhat dense, the Airslate pieces stand out for their light weight (5 kg) and large size (240 cm x 120 cm). These qualities facilitate their use in any project or form, providing a greater sense of restraint and elegance.
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