The day-to-day
at our research centre

At PORCELANOSA we take our products and our research very seriously, and we base it all on everyday life.

ADVANTAGES in your everyday life
High resistance
Low absorption
Easy to clean
High mechanical resistance
Low thermal expansion
Resistant to temperature changes
High hygiene performance
Fire resistant
Skid resistant
Stain/chemical resistant
Multi-format and varied
Efficient façades
+ QUALITY Certification
01 DURABILITY TESTING “We study extreme situations to
ensure resistance in even the most adverse of climates”
02 WARMTH TESTING “The comfort your home needs.
Well-being above all else”
03 RESISTANCE TESTING “It resists the most extreme testing.
Confirming a long life in your home”
to the environment

Sustainable development goes beyond a mere priority for the PORCELANOSA Grupo, leading it to implement eco-sustainable production processes and manufacture cutting-edge products with a clear objective: minimise the environmental impact. To meet the sustainable development goals, the PORCELANOSA Grupo has created PORCELANOSA ECO.

INFINITE combinations

A wide range of products to transform your ideas into reality.

“your project starts here”

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