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vinyl walls

Vinyl Walls

Faced with the need to clad walls with a vinyl material similar to Linkfloor for floors, the product Linkfloor Wall has emerged. This is a PCV-based vinyl wall tile manufactured to be slimmer and lighter. Thus, this high-performance component can be easily fitted to walls. Linkfloor Wall is also designed to be easily fitted to roofs, furniture and other vertical elements.

Vinyl wall tiles with Linkfloor Wall

Its main appeal is that it accurately simulates the appearance of natural wood, woven textile fibre or stone floor tiles, incorporating into the aesthetic viewpoint all the advantages provided by a PVC-based wall tile: strength, resistance and quick fitting.

It is easily fitted thanks to the Lock joint system, another of its advantages which means that it does not require expansion joints on surfaces of up to 200 m².

Its constitution offers a warm and comfortable surface, suited to any room in the home.

Linkfloor Roll and Linkfloor Contract

Linkfloor Contract comprises vinyl material that is ideal for commercial spaces and highly-transited areas. Linkfloor Roll is a vinyl product, in a 2x10 metre roll format, enabling this material to be fitted in large spaces.