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Vinyl Flooring

Linkfloor is a high-quality PVC-based floor tile with maximum stability, which simulates the appearance of natural wood, woven textile fibre or stone floor tiles.

High-performance comfortable vinyl

Vinyl floor tiles are fitted quickly and easily thanks to the Lock joint system, which does not require expansion joints on surfaces of up to 200 m².

Its features, including resistance to abrasion, moisture, stains, impacts and the actions of chemicals, mean that this is a highly competitive material.

Due to its high resistance, this type of floor tile is especially suited to highly-transited areas, as well as residential spaces and wet zones owing to the fact that it is highly waterproof.

Linkfloor Roll and Linkfloor Contract

Linkfloor Roll is a vinyl product, in a 2x10 metre roll format, enabling this material to be fitted in large spaces. In turn, Linkfloor Contract comprises vinyl material that is ideal for commercial spaces and highly-transited areas.

Linkfloor vinyl floor tiles come with the guarantee accredited by certifications such as Germany’s “Ü” seal, France’s “A+” seal, the CE and ASTM certifications, in addition to a 15-year warranty.