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Vinyl tiles are long-lasting, simple to install, and highly waterproof.




Vinyl Tiles

Linkfloor is a high-quality PVC-based vinyl tile with maximum stability, which simulates the appearance of natural wood, woven textile fibre or stone tiles.

High-performance comfortable vinyl tiles

Vinyl tiles are fitted quickly and easily thanks to the Lock joint system, which does not require expansion joints on surfaces of up to 200 m². Its properties, such as resistance to abrasion, moisture, stains, impacts, and chemical action, indicate that this is a highly competitive material. Due to its high resistance, this type of flooring is especially suited to highly-transited areas, as well as residential spaces and wet zones owing to the fact that it is highly waterproof.

Linkfloor, a certified material

Linkfloor vinyl tiles are backed by certifications such as Germany’s “Ü” seal, France’s “A+” seal, and the CE and ASTM certifications, in addition to a 15-year warranty.

FAQs regarding Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl flooring is characterised by its polymer core, usually made of polyvinyl chloride, better known as PVC.

When vinyl flooring is made of pure polyvinyl chloride (PVC), it is commonly referred to as luxury vinyl flooring (LVT). However, when it is a combination of PVC and wood, it is known as WPC and when it is made of PVC and stone (calcium carbonate) it is known as SPC.

The surface of vinyl flooring is covered with fabrics or decorative paper that simulates the look of natural stone or wood, giving the room an exceptional appearance.

There are four different ways to install Linkfloor vinyl flooring, none of which require much work or effort. They are as follows:

  • Lock system
  • Drop lock installation method
  • Gluing method
  • Loose lay method

Installation of Linkfloor on floors

Here we explain the installation process of a Linkfloor vinyl floor and all the necessary tools and materials.

Installation method: Lock

This is an easy-to-install system whose main characteristic is the safety and durability of the union between the joints, which guarantees the elimination of cracks or gaps between the planks throughout the useful life of the floor. The pressure that is exerted between the planks reinforces the joint between them, and prevents the joint from being made incorrectly.

Here are the four simple steps to follow when laying laminate flooring with the lock system:

  • Slightly tilt the laminate.
  • Fit the laminate with respect to the rest and to the place where you are going to lay it.
  • Press for a few seconds.
  • You're done!

Installation method: Drop Lock

Another simple and quick system to lay vinyl flooring is the Drop Lock installation method.

These are the steps you have to follow to lay vinyl floors with the Drop Lock system.

  • First you have to adjust the plank to be installed lengthwise to the one already laid.
  • Apply a couple of light blows with a rubber hammer.
  • And that's it, you have your vinyl floor in place!

In addition, a great advantage is that its uninstallation is just as easy, allowing it to be quickly dismantled.

Installation method: Gluing

The third system that exists to lay vinyl flooring in a space is the gluing method. In this case it will be necessary to apply adhesive for its installation.

What steps must be followed to lay vinyl flooring with adhesive?

  • First, you must glue the surface where you are going to lay the planks.
  • First, you must glue the surface where you are going to lay the planks.
  • Secondly, fit the planks longitudinally to the already glued planks.
  • Finally, press lightly for a few seconds.
  • That's it! That's how easy it is to lay vinyl flooring.

Installation method: Loose Lay

This is the last installation system for laying vinyl flooring, the Loose Lay method. Like the previous three, it is a very simple technique.

In this case it will be necessary to use double-sided adhesive tape or acrylic adhesive suitable for this type of flooring.

Follow these four simple steps to lay vinyl flooring with the Loose Lay system:

  • First, lay the planks or tiles on the floor using double-sided adhesive tape to ensure that rows of product are laid every 3 linear metres.
  • Fit the pieces together, as they must be pressed together during installation, as this type of product does not have machined edges.
  • Finally, press the piece for a few seconds.
  • That's it!

Porcelanosa - blog article How to lay vinyl flooring

How to lay vinyl flooring

Technology is constantly presenting us with new options when it comes to finishes and materials for home décor. One of the more interesting and versatile is vinyl flooring which nowadays has little in common with the rather basic vinyl roll product from previous years...

Vinyl flooring require minimal maintenance and cleaning, so it is often used in high-traffic areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and entrances. It will only be necessary to clean with a damp mop and neutral soap.

To cut the vinyl correctly, the top side of the material must be marked with a blade. The sheet should then be folded over and the reverse side cut out. This will ensure a clean cut.

All our vinyl collections (with the exception of the Hotel Air and OAK collections) have the foil pre-incorporated in the composition of the plank itself.