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Underfloor heating

Premium underfloor heating mat is an energy efficient and luxurious way to bring natural feeling warmth to your home.

Butech floor heating systems use a thin wire embedded in your floor to bring warmth to your space, with automatic heating control, no visible radiators and no stuffy environments. Floor heating warms people and objects in the same way as the sun, using radiant heat, instead of just heating the air. The easiest way to think about how it works is by imagining a bright winter’s day. When you’re in the direct sunlight you still feel warm and comfortable without overheated or stuffy air around you.

Butech floor heating systems, developed specifically for Butech by Warmup, the world’s leading floor heating brand, use radiant heat to achieve a natural feeling and energy efficient warmth in your home.

sistemas de suelo radiante de Butech

Premium underfloor heating mat is energy efficient and helps create beautiful spaces.

With floor heating, a radiant warmth gently fills the room and makes tiled surfaces inviting and welcoming. The warm floors also naturally dry much faster than unheated surfaces.

Installing underfloor heating in a bathroom is far quicker than installing conventional heating systems such as radiators because the wire can be laid directly below the floor finish.

A typical bathroom will need a 4 m² heated area and be used for around two hours in the morning and one hour in the evening each day. Running this system through the winter will cost around 26€*.

Floor heating systems use radiant heat to warm people in the room instead of just warming the air, which helps to maintain a comfortable atmosphere in the space.

With floor heating there are no low level hot surfaces or hard metal edges that come with radiator systems, making it the perfect choice for a family-friendly environment.

Underfloor heating allows you to have a comfortable and unstuffy environment to relax in. With floor heating, the indoor air quality is improved by the reduced dust circulation achieved with radiant heat and no bulky radiators are needed so you’ll have more living space to enjoy. You can also easily divide the space with individual heating zones using separate thermostats to tailor the environment for different uses.

A lounge or living room with a 15 m² heated area costs around 88€* to heat through the winter for three hours each day.

More information about Butech floor heating systems.

* Assumptions: 0,129721 €/kWh (Contracted Power 10 kW - 15 kW, taxes and other costs not included) – system on 6 months (182 days) per year. System installed on 10 mm insulation boards.


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