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Green Tiles

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Green Tiles

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green tiles

Green tiles

Green tiles infuse the home with a fresh, outdoor vibe. These appealing tiles exude brightness and freshness, making them an excellent choice for bathrooms and kitchens.

Green tile ideas for the home

Green is associated with nature, life, and health, making green tiles an excellent choice for interior design. Sage green tiles and emerald green tiles are the most popular choices.

Mint green tiles, on the other hand, are modern and elegant while remaining sweet and subtle; ideal for Mediterranean-style bathrooms. Finally, dark green tiles contrast sharply with terracotta tones, lending distinction and elegance to the space.

Green tiles work well with wood effect flooring, providing exotic and elegant environments. Similarly, metallic accents enhance the attributes of green tones while adding sophistication.

Green bathroom & kitchen tiles

Green wall and floor tiles are ideal for modern kitchens and bathrooms. Green kitchen tiles are a daring choice that yields excellent results, particularly when used as a backsplash. Green bathroom tiles, on the other hand, are not only fashionable, but they are also an excellent way to add a subtle splash of colour while allowing plently of light into in your room.