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Wood Effect Wall Tiles

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Wood Effect Wall Tiles

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wood effect wall tiles

Wood Effect Wall Tiles

The emergence of a new generation of wood-effect ceramic wall tiles have brought about a small revolution in the ceramic and construction sector.

Natural-look high-performance wall tiles

Technology has, today, made it difficult for the naked eye to distinguish ceramic parquet from a piece of natural wood.

The accuracy with which today’s ceramic mimics the grain and shades of natural wood is awe-inspiring. Its high aesthetic value, together with its competitiveness as a high-performance material, give this type of ceramic wall tile secure value.

Furthermore, wood-finish walls lend rooms a great deal of warmth and an interesting air of contemporaneity.

Wood effect wall tiles: from woodland to wall

This wood-inspired cladding replicates the grain and color of oak, walnut, and cherry.

With the warmth of wood and durability of ceramics, this type of ceramic wall tile increases a space's natural light, withstands impacts, the sun's harmful rays, and chemical agents, and does not require any specific care or maintenance.

Ceramic, a practical material

This type of ceramic wall tile guarantees ease of maintenance, as well as being extremely resistant to high temperatures, chemicals and aggressive atmospheric agents.

The natural and eco-friendly characteristics of this type of flooring, as well as a great capacity for thermal and electrical insulation, lend added value to this highly efficient and sustainable material.