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White Wall Tiles

High quality wall tiles loaded with versatility and design.

White Wall Tiles

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  1. Bali Nieve Bp 20X31.6-Wall tile-Marble Effect-100006345-T-500X500

    Bali Nieve 20X31.6

    £47.73 / sqm
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  2. Bali Nieve 25X44.3

    Bali Nieve 25X44.3

    £327.80 / sqm
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  3. Baltimore White 33.3X100-Azulejo De Pared-Cemento-100294501-T-500X500

    Baltimore White 33.3X100

    £99.62 / sqm
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  4. BALTIMORE WHITE 59,6X59,6(A)

    Baltimore White 59.6X59.6

    £78.65 / sqm
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  5. Belice Caliza 33.3X100-Azulejo De Pared-Efecto Cemento-100291710-T-500X500

    Belice Caliza 33.3X100

    £102.38 / sqm
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  6. Bottega Caliza 25X44.3

    Bottega Caliza 25X44.3

    £546.32 / sqm
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  7. Bottega White 120X120-Baldosa De Suelo-Efecto Cemento-100307886-T-500X500

    Bottega White 120X120

    Special Price
    £64.30 / sqm
    Regular Price
    £107.16 / sqm
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  8. Bottega White 31.6X59.2-Carrelage de Mur-Effet Ciment/Béton-100242771-T-500X500

    Bottega White 31.6X59.2

    £53.15 / sqm
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  9. Bottega White 33.3X59.2

    Bottega White 33.3X59.2

    £93.89 / sqm
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  10. Bottega White 45X120-Azulejo De Pared-Efecto Cemento-100239817-T-500X500

    Bottega White 45X120

    £60.65 / sqm
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  11. Bottega White 59.6X59.6-Baldosa De Suelo-Efecto Cemento-100239864-T-500X500

    Bottega White 59.6X59.6

    £71.24 / sqm
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  12. Carrara Blanco Brillo 59.6X59.6

    Carrara Blanco Brillo 59.6X59.6

    £96.99 / sqm
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1-12 of 93

White Wall Tiles

White Wall Tiles

In interior design, white is the perfect canvas on which to arrange the rest of the decorative elements. Any white wall tiles will enable all kinds of furniture, decorative pieces or colourful elements to subsequently be added, enabling the ensemble to fit together effortlessly.

Pure white interiors

There is a very broad range of possibilities for choosing wall tiles within the range of whites. Bleached wood-finish ceramic pieces, marble effect tiles, metro tiles, mosaics, natural stone effect pieces, single-colour tiles in a fish scale format and decorated wall tiles in white tones.

Tiles with relief in the white range are a smart, fashionable choice for filling a space with the purity and modernity of white, without sacrificing a dynamic and more contemporary finish.

White ceramic wall tiles, in addition to achieving extra luminosity, provide a fully versatile result, which can be combined with all kinds of tones and accessories, and can be reinvented over and over again.

Advantages of using ceramic in wall and floor tiles

Ceramic wall tiles guarantee ease of maintenance, as well as being highly resistant to high temperatures, chemicals and aggressive atmospheric agents.

Being non-combustible, ceramic wall and floor tiling is also one of the safest materials for construction.