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High quality wall tiles loaded with versatility and design.


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wall tiles

Wall Tiles

Thanks to their functionality and intricate design, ceramic tiles achieve excellent results as a surface for challenging spaces in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Variety of wall tiles for all types of spaces

In an endless range of colours, sizes, textures and finishes, ceramic wall tiles are a great ally when putting together the ideal design for a room, whatever the predominant style of the overall project may be. Tiles with intriguing reliefs, modern slabs that recreate the sober feel of natural stone, warm wood-effect surfaces or special products such as the extra-thin XLight ceramic tile, among others. The versatility of these tiles is perfect for attractive architectural solutions, such as the continuous effect between floors and walls using the same surface material, or the visual fusion of exteriors and interiors using identical surfaces inside and outside.

Characteristics of ceramic wall tiles

Ceramic has unique properties as a construction material, is appropriate for a variety of uses and can be placed in different environments without deteriorating due to its great strength and durability. Ceramic tiles are often used in spaces that require high durability due to frequent use, such as bathrooms and kitchens, as they are highly waterproof and are easy to maintain and clean at a low cost. Furthermore, the material is highly effective at insulating both heat and electricity, meaning it provides considerable resistance against high temperatures, chemicals and aggressive atmospheric agents.

Frequent Asked Questions

Why opt for wall tiles for your home or project?

Advances in technology mean we can now apply digital printing techniques to ceramics, accurately reproducing the textures and colours of wood, cement, stone, and marble. Ceramic wall and floor tiles are now in serious demand on the market; thanks not only to their premium finishes, but also their excellent resistance to water, ease of cleaning, versatility, and sustainable nature. These technical properties mean that as well as being installed on vertical surfaces, they can also be used for floors, façades, and even outdoors. Their impermeability and high resistance to temperature changes make ceramic wall tiles a long-term investment for your project. 

What are the best types of wall tiles on the market?

The best wall tiles combine design, resistance, and durability. With these features in mind, you'll find a wide variety of types of wall tiles in PORCELANOSA Group online catalogues, with various finishes, sizes, and materials. Discover all the products that can make your dream home a reality in our online store. 

How can I choose the right size wall tiles in the UK?

Ensuring a space has a professional finish depends largely on getting your wall tile measurements right when installing the tiles. Porcelanosa wall tile sizes range from standard wall tile sizes up to large format HIGHKER tiles, with single pieces measuring as much as 59.6 cm x 180 cm. It's important to take tile size into account because it will be crucial to the visual result you achieve in your project. This is why it's important to know the dimensions available in each collection, so you can visualise the effect you'll be able to create in your space. 

To choose the optimum wall tile sizes for your project, we recommend visiting your nearest showroom. There, one of our advisers will be able to tell you which wall tile sizes are available in the UK, and we can give you our personalised recommendations, free of charge. 

How many wall tiles do I need?

How do I measure for wall tiles? How can I calculate how many wall tiles I need? These are the most common questions we tend to ask when embarking on a project. 

At the Porcelanosa online store you'll find a calculator within each product file, which will measure how many wall tiles you need - in boxes - for the area you want to cover. All you need to do is enter the width and height (in cm) of the surface area. Based on these details we'll calculate the total number of square metres you'll need. The surface area calculator will help you to place a more accurate order for the materials you need for your project. 

Please note that an additional 10% will always be added to cover any losses during the work and future repairs.

Why opt for wall tiles for your home or project?

The high quality and design standards of PORCELANOSA Group floor tiles - combined with the intrinsic properties of ceramics - make them the best option for creating exclusive spaces with personality.

The wide variety of finishes, colours, and textures available means they can be adapted to the aesthetic and decorative requirements of any project. Their easy maintenance and cleaning, and resistance to shocks and scratches are particular highlights, making Porcelanosa ceramic floor tiles one of the finest options available on the market.