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Blue Wall Tiles

High quality wall tiles loaded with versatility and design.

Blue Wall Tiles

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  1. Dover Antique 33.3X100-Wall tile-Patterned-100292687-T-500X500
    Dover Antique 33.3X100
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    £90.23 / sqm
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  2. Marbella Blue 45X120-Wall tile-Patterned-100214642-T-500X500
    Marbella Blue 45X120
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    £55.74 / sqm
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    £92.90 / sqm
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blue wall tiles

Blue Wall Tiles

As colour schemes go, blue ceramic is a suitable option for building calm spaces with a tranquil appeal. Blue wall tiles transmit a feeling of freshness and calm and are easily applied to various rooms in the home. .

Blue-cladded bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens

Bedrooms and bathrooms are regularly the preferred rooms for cladding walls with shades of blue. When used in bedrooms, the range of blue wall tiles can create a setting ideal for rest, stillness and concentration. Using these in the design of bathrooms and water areas invites relaxation and a pleasant feeling of cleanliness is established.

Ceramic pieces in shades of blue are perfect for decorating beach spaces and other nautical-based settings, ranging from shades of turquoise to the classic navy blue. Blue-tiled kitchens take on a rustic and elegant inflection making them stand out.

Practical ceramic wall tiles

The ease of maintenance and quick cleaning of ceramic materials are two of its main advantages as a building material.

Its exceptional resistance to high temperatures, chemicals and aggressive atmospheric agents, as well as a great capacity for thermal and electrical insulation, provide this highly efficient material with added value.