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Marble Effect Wall Tiles

High quality wall tiles loaded with versatility and design.

Marble Effect Wall Tiles

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Marble Effect Wall Tiles

Wall tiles with the appearance of marble are the ideal asset for creating bright spaces with profound elegance, while maintaining all the advantages offered by ceramic as a material for cladding walls.

Marble effect wall ceramic tile, an elegant and functional material

As a result of in-depth research, a full line of ceramic materials with a marble appearance has been developed in a broad selection of formats and shades, ranging from whites to beiges, sandy tones and dark greys. This entire line is decorated with fine veins accurately replicating the appearance of the most exclusive natural marbles.

Marble effect wall tiles are the perfect choice for creating spaces with a fundamentally minimalist yet dynamic and energetic character. This is achieved naturally thanks to the vibrant effect conveyed by the veins. Using this material gives rise to exquisite settings with a natural finish, without foregoing practicality.

The many arrangement solutions offered by marble-effect wall tiling are also a decorative asset in themselves, since alternating the arrangement of the pieces according to the direction of the veins will produce either more tempered or eye-catching interiors.

Marble effect wall tiles widely used in construction

When choosing wall tiles, one shoud bear in mind that ceramic tiles are one of the safest materials used in construction as it is deemed to be non-combustible. They are also a very versatile material that, due to their high resistance and technical perfomance, can be integrated into projects ranging from interiors, exteriors, residential and commercial spaces or high-traffic areas.

Maintenance and cleaning are easy and can be done using domestic processes. Its exceptional resistance to high temperatures, chemicals and aggressive atmospheric agents, as well as a great capacity for thermal and electrical insulation, provide this highly efficient material with added-value.