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Kitchen Wall Tiles

High quality wall tiles loaded with versatility and design.

Kitchen Wall Tiles

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kitchen wall tiles

Kitchen Wall Tiles

Ceramic, in any of its variations, is an essential material for any kitchen due to its high durability and the many design options it offers. Urban-concept kitchens and designer furniture, open-plan kitchens that link up with living or dining rooms, or fully-equipped rustic kitchens. They can all use ideal wall tiles in order to enhance their character. 

Practicality and design are the main features contributed by ceramic wall tiles at present and they are fundamental when designing the ideal kitchen project.

Combining pieces with various finishes and colour shades is an interesting decorative resource to give any kitchen personality. Furthermore, new extra-slim free-format ceramic tiles, Xlight, are a true revolution, in addition to being a decorative resource, with all the advantages of traditional ceramic. 

Building with ceramic

The natural and eco-friendly characteristics of this type of wall tile, as well as a high capacity for thermal and electrical insulation, lend added value to this highly efficient and sustainable material.

Being non-combustible, ceramic wall tiling is also one of the safest materials for kitchens.