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Grey Wall Tiles

High quality wall tiles loaded with versatility and design.

Grey Wall Tiles

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    Ibiza Dark Gloss 10X40

    £68.21 / sqm
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    Ibiza Grey Gloss 10X40

    £68.21 / sqm
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  3. Image Silver 33.3X100-Azulejo De Pared-Efecto Piedra-100295171-T-500X500

    Image Silver 33.3X100

    £102.38 / sqm
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  4. MIRAGE SILVER 33,3X59,2(A)

    Image Silver 33.3X59.2

    £65.33 / sqm
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  5. Image Silver 40X80-Baldosa De Suelo-Efecto Piedra-100202111-T-500X500

    Image Silver 40X80

    £113.35 / sqm
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  6. Image Silver 59.6X150-Azulejo De Pared-Efecto Piedra-100293271-T-500X500

    Image Silver 59.6X150

    £106.65 / sqm
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  7. Indic 25X44.3

    Indic 25X44.3

    £68.03 / sqm
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  8. Indic 33.3X59.2

    Indic 33.3X59.2

    £62.53 / sqm
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  9. Indic 45X120-Wall tile-Marble Effect-100244485-T-500X500

    Indic 45X120

    £98.25 / sqm
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  10. INDIC 80X80(A)

    Indic 80X80

    £139.54 / sqm
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  11. Indic Gris 59.6X59.6-Baldosa De Suelo-Marmol-100281426-T-500X500

    Indic Gris 59.6X59.6

    £101.22 / sqm
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37-48 of 112

grey wall tiles

Grey Wall Tiles

Grey wall tiles lend spaces a special depth, without sacrificing an atmosphere of visual cleanliness and a neutral appearance.

This type of wall tile is available in a variety of tile series in different formats and finishes and it can be easily combined, both with other ceramic pieces as well as with elements of furniture and accessories.

Light greys, elegant greys

Grey emerges from two shades that represent colour extremes, white is the maximum brightness and black is a complete lack of colour. However, this combination is perfect for creating unique settings with very different nuances depending on their intensity.

The lighter tones of grey wall tiles lend a similar brightness to whites, and they have a more natural, harmonic and romantic manner. As the range of greys darkens, other types of nuances appear that are more dramatic, industrial and elegant, in shades such as charcoal grey and charcoal.

Advantages of using ceramic in wall tiles

When choosing the decoration of a space’s floors and walls, project planners should bear in mind that ceramic wall tiling is one of the safest materials used in construction as it is deemed to be non-combustible.

It is a highly versatile material which, due to its high durability and resistance, can be integrated into projects ranging from interiors, exteriors, residential and commercial spaces or highly-transited areas.