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Brown Wall Tiles

High quality wall tiles loaded with versatility and design.

Brown Wall Tiles

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brown wall tiles

Brown Wall Tiles

The warmth and versatility that the entire range of browns lends to settings make it one of the most popular colours used to clad the walls of all kinds of spaces.

Brown tones, an interior design basic

The extensive colour gradation of brown shades, ranging from chocolate to tobacco and taupe, are currently a key part of interior decoration.

This colour is also present in nature and, specifically, in many building elements such as wood and natural stone, thus, including it in wall tiles is almost an obvious option.

Ceramic that imitates nature stone and wood stands out in these brown shades, although it can also be found in the same ceramic series tones with mosaic effects, relief pieces or special large-size formats.

Brown tones generate a feeling of stability and peace and give rise to neutral and homely settings that foster rest and reflection.

Advantages of using ceramic in wall and floor tiles

Its inexpensive maintenance and low environmental impact, in addition to its high degree of resistance to chemicals and atmospheric agents, make ceramic the ideal material in terms of efficiency and strength.

Ceramic is also considered to be an environmentally friendly material since it is reusable, easily degradable and manufactured via increasingly cleaner production methods.