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Black Wall tiles

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Black Wall tiles

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black wall tiles

Black Wall Tiles

Selecting black walls is a bold choice. Walls that are lined in black offer great results when combined with other shades and materials that enhance their nuances and alleviate their effects.

Ceramic black wall tiles for a sophisticated result

Darker tones work when combined with wood to generate spaces with an air of masculinity and industrial ethos or seeking the black and white pairing that is so classic and effective in decoration. Metallic shades are also an option when combined with black and give rise to spaces with an air of sophistication.

There are a great deal of possibilities when it comes to cladding a space in black: stone-look ceramic such as slate, or a concrete finish, plain tiles, tiles with a marbled effect, etc.

Black generates a strong feeling of warmth, thus, any space in this colour will be perceived as highly exclusive and elegant.

Advantages of using ceramic in wall tiles

When choosing the decoration of a space’s floors and walls, project planners should bear in mind that ceramic wall tiling is one of the safest materials used in construction as it is deemed to be non-combustible.

It is a highly versatile material which, due to its high durability and resistance, can be integrated into projects ranging from interiors, exteriors, residential and commercial spaces or highly-transited areas.