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Purple Tiles

Unparalleled sense of continuity and practicality

Purple Tiles

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Purple Tiles

Created from two primary colours—blue and red—purple gives rise to more than forty different shades which can be used to decorate the floors and walls of any room. Ceramic wall and floor tiles in purple shades make for imaginative and unique settings.

Elegant purples and subtle violets

Purple is usually associated with mystery, spirituality, femininity and romanticism. However, the results obtained differ depending on its intense or soft nuances.

The purple range of the colour spectrum is sophisticated and temperate, advisable for covering large, open-plan spaces since it absorbs a great deal of light. These colours denote strength and, when combined with other dark tones such as black or brown, they create highly dramatic settings.

Violet and lavender tones are linked to creativity and imagination and they are suitable for covering floors and walls in small rooms as they are brighter. Violet is a good choice for decorating living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens, bedrooms, studies and vintage-style spaces.

The entire purple spectrum is perfectly complemented by the neutrality of beige and earthy tones.

Advantages of using ceramic in wall and floor tiles

Due to their high durability and resistance, ceramic wall and floor tiles can be integrated into projects ranging from interiors, exteriors, residential and commercial spaces or highly-transited areas.

This type of ceramic tile guarantees ease of maintenance, as well as being extremely resistant to high temperatures, chemicals and aggressive atmospheric agents. The natural and eco-friendly characteristics of this type of wall and floor tile, as well as a great capacity for thermal and electrical insulation, lend added-value to this highly efficient and sustainable material.

Being non-combustible, ceramic wall and floor tiling is also one of the safest materials for construction.