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Patterned Tiles

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Patterned Tiles

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Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles provide interior designers and architects with one of the most impressive vertical and horizontal surface treatments in the home. Nowadays, innovative designers and architects are creating contemporary features that are both powerful and surprising. Drawing inspiration from history, a selection of patterned tiles is now being used in the home to create integrated works of art on walls and floors. These ceramic and porcelain tiles are hard-wearing and suitable for both floors and walls.

Where to use patterned tiles

Patterned tiles can enhance kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms or any other part of the house. Patterned kitchen tiles are the ideal complement to a stone or wood worktop when used as a backsplash. Placed in a hallway, patterned tiles can provide a stylish floor or decorative wall treatment that also creates a welcoming environment. Patterned bathroom tiles contrast with contemporary or classic sanitaryware and are suitable for walls and floors.

Design of patterned tiles

Monochromatic patterned tiles as well as classic black and white patterned tiles or traditional blue patterned tiles are very popular. Elaborate motifs, such as multi-coloured patterned tiles for floors and walls, are also highly appreciated. Another popular and more contemporary approach is to mix motifs to achieve a haphazard mix of patterns. In other words, the tile itself can be a stand-alone decorative element or part of a larger composition.