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Orange Tiles

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Orange Tiles

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orange tiles

Orange Tiles

Orange is one of the most powerful colours for decorating floors and walls due to its highly stimulating capacity. Wall and floor tiling in orange is a valuable element when opting for a substantial change to any room in the home.

Energetic and expressive oranges

Orange tiles pair well with whites and greys, as well as with wood. These contribute towards reducing the colour’s intensity and towards integrating it into soft and cheerful surroundings.

As a result of its dynamism and energy, orange is ideal for settings that encourage activity such as exercise rooms, dance studios, children’s bedrooms or commercial and leisure premises.

The warmth transmitted by these shades, highly present in nature, make them suitable for creating rustic settings and even those with a Mediterranean air when implementing tones close to terracotta, a reddish-orange with strong natural connotations.

Advantages of using ceramic in wall and floor tiles

Due to their high durability and resistance, ceramic wall and floor tiles can be integrated into projects ranging from interiors, exteriors, residential and commercial spaces or highly-transited areas.

This type of ceramic tile guarantees ease of maintenance, as well as being extremely resistant to high temperatures, chemicals and aggressive atmospheric agents. The natural and eco-friendly characteristics of this type of wall and floor tile, as well as a great capacity for thermal and electrical insulation, lend added-value to this highly efficient and sustainable material.

Being non-combustible, ceramic wall and floor tiling is also one of the safest materials for construction.