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Green Tiles

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Green Tiles

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green tiles

Green Tiles

Upon choosing green-coloured wall or floor tiles we bring nature into the home. Green tones relate to everything that is natural, life and health; they are therefore perfect for interior spaces with an ethereal purpose.

Bright greens for floors and walls

The green section of the colour wheel transmits freshness and brightness and its tones feature some of those especially favoured when covering floors and walls. Light green or mint and jade are the most versatile and combinable colours within this range.

Mint green is modern and elegant yet simultaneously sweet and subtle. Its use in interior design has been definitively implemented, giving rise to outstanding designs. Meanwhile, jade green creates unique contrasts with coral and terracotta tones, lending the space a touch of distinction and elegance.  

Even so, both green tones create respectable synergies with all shades of wood—with which they can recreate exotic and refined settings. Similarly, hints of metal enhance the qualities of green tones and add sophistication.

Wall and floor tiles in green tones are ideal for dynamic kitchens and unique bathrooms. Another good setting in which to place them is outdoor areas, coordinated with plants and boosting the aforementioned natural effect.

Advantages of using ceramic in wall and floor tiles

Due to their high durability and resistance, ceramic wall and floor tiles can be integrated into projects ranging from interiors, exteriors, residential and commercial spaces or highly-transited areas.

This type of ceramic tile guarantees ease of maintenance, as well as being extremely resistant to high temperatures, chemicals and aggressive atmospheric agents. The natural and eco-friendly characteristics of this type of wall and floor tile, as well as a great capacity for thermal and electrical insulation, lend added-value to this highly efficient and sustainable material.

Being non-combustible, ceramic wall and floor tiling is also one of the safest materials for construction.