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White Marble Tiles

The timeless elegance of white marble tiles has universal appeal, and it’s easy to understand why.

White Marble Tiles

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White marble tiles

Marble has a quality, a weight and a density that is hard to match. Furthermore, of all the colours available in nature, white marble really stands out, as it has a clean and intriguing aesthetic. As a result, interiors decorated with white marble tiles have a sophisticated and chic look. White marble tiles never look dated and never look less than impressive.

White marble floor tiles

The reflective qualities of white marble floor tiles transform bathroom and kitchen spaces. This potential to amplify the light is particularly significant in the UK. It allows for a more flattering visual in bathroom mirrors and a more cheerful work environment in the kitchen. Furthermore, the bright and clean white marble floor tiles create a welcoming atmosphere in the entrance and hallways of the home.

White marble tile bathroom

Through the ages, marble has been a favourite material in bathrooms. In ancient antiquity, baths were finished in white marble floor tiles and wall claddings to create a luxurious effect. Today is no different; white marble is synonymous with water because of its low porosity. It has a high thermal conductivity which keeps it cool to the touch. This quality makes it the ideal choice for under-floor heating in the bathroom. The white marble floor tile looks hygienic and exudes a sophisticated ageless aesthetic.

White marble effect tiles

White marble effect tiles combine the ageless qualities of marble with recent advances in material technology. Manufactured from porcelain or ceramics, they are a perfect match for the demands made on modern interiors.

White marble effect floor tiles

There is simply no better finish for the contemporary bathroom floor. White marble effect tiles require little or no maintenance, are resistant to water penetration, and withstand heavy traffic and stains. In other words, they are practically indestructible.

Black and white marble tile

For the non-purist looking for more than one colour in their décor, the natural bed-fellow of white is black. The combination can, in fact, look even more sophisticated than just one or other of the tones separately. White marble floor tiles with black marble wall tiles, or vice versa, exude grandeur and look opulent.

What colour grout looks best with white marble tile?

Do not underestimate the importance of grout in bringing out the best in white marble tiles. The colour grout can radically alter the overall finish. We recommend the following:

  • White grout creates a seamless effect; the look works best when the veining is subtle.
  • Grey grout is recommended where the grey veining is marked. In other words, contrast the grey veining with grey grout.
  • Black grouting with darker veined white marble tiles works well, especially with smaller-size tiles. The black emphasises the modular dimensions and laying pattern.