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Sealants are flexible, waterproof materials that are used to fill joints or holes in both interior and exterior applications. They are very similar to the grouting materials they supplement and with can be combined in terms of colour and are used both for sealing and bonding.

Silicone and caulk

Sealants such as silicone and caulk are used to join together damp surfaces and help to fix problems like cracks and breaks. Among the available sealants are silicones such as 107-N and polyurethane caulk like P-404.

Silicone is mainly used for sealing joints between different materials or planes, movement joints, joints around bathroom fittings, doors, windows or skirting, among others. It is waterproof, elastic and comes in a wide range of colours that combine perfectly with the grout and ceramic used in the installation.

This type of sealing material prevents the formation of mould, is long lasting, endures wear and does not come loose.

P-404 is a versatile material that can be used for installing materials in the home, although this product is useful only in cases where a high-performance cohesive substance is needed. P-404 is the adhesive recommended for chemical anchoring in ventilated façade systems. It is also used in raised flooring systems and is the material recommended for gluing KRION sheets and wood mosaics.