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Grout for different projects


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8 results



Choosing the correct grout depends on the colour and type of material upon which it will be applied, as well as the what the material will be used for and the required grout thickness.

Cement grout

When beginning a ceramic floor or wall tile installation, there are two types of grout to choose from: cement grout and epoxy grout. Specialised products have been created for each one which are also associated with different types of material and/or applications.

Cement grout is a material composed of cement and pigments that is mixed with water before application. Within this category you can find Colorstuk Rapid, Colorstuk 0-4 and Colorstuk Especial—different products for different applications and with distinct compositions. These three products are differentiated by their application depending on the width of the grout, the fineness of its grain and its characteristic features.

Epoxy grout

Epoxy grout is a bicomponent material consisting of part A, composed of epoxy resin with siliceous inert pigments and additives, and part B, composed of natural catalysers. Part A must be mixed with part B before use.

This type of grout is characterised by its watertightness, resistance to chemical corrosion and mechanical properties. Within this category are products such as Epotech Aqua, Epotech Nature and Epotech Crystal. These are different materials with different applications and varied properties. While Epotech Aqua adapts to a wide range of colours, Epotech Nature is ideal for wood-effect wall tiles and Epotech Crystal reflects the colour of the surrounding ceramic or vitreous mosaic.