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Cleaning surfaces with suitable products





Cleaning for any surface

After finishing any job installing ceramic or floor or wall tiles, it is necessary to clean any adhesive or grout residue that may have remained on the surface of the ceramic. These cleaning products can be diluted in water or applied directly onto the materials depending on the type of stain or substance you wish to remove.

Specific products for a professional cleaning

In general, Acid Net 1L or Acid Net + easily remove residue, stains and efflorescence.

Whenever an epoxy grouting material is used, it is important that cleaning is carried out using the recommended materials. PORCELANOSA Group recommends Epotech Cleaner for cleaning any remaining epoxy grout 24 hours after application. Porce Clean or Basic Gel are other products that are recommended for cleaning and maintaining ceramic.

Surface stains or streaks of epoxy resin can be removed with an organic solvent such as alcohol or acetone. Epoxy resin residue cleaners are effective only before the grout has hardened completely. Once the grout has hardened, it can only be removed mechanically.

Before applying the grouting material and in order to avoid subsequent problems, as a precaution, it is recommended to consult the technical sheet for the adhesive product and for the type of tile used.