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Adhesive for any project


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Adhesive for any project

The choice of adhesive for any construction project depends on the substrate, the construction element to be fitted and the appropriate working method for each installation. The adhesive must be of the highest quality in order to guarantee the safety of the installation and provide the best results.

Adhesive types and features

The adhesives currently in use offer excellent adhesive and deformability characteristics, without the need for additives, as well as optimal usage conditions. Additionally, they produce low levels of dust and come in lightweight packaging. These state-of-the-art adhesives include ingredients that increase the product’s performance considerably.

There are three fundamental adhesive types: cement, active resin and dispersion.

Cement adhesives

These incorporate cement as the main binder in their composition, which translates into increased adhesion, a less porous adhesive bond, good mounting, deformability and safe adherence with minimum thicknesses.

Active resin adhesives

Active resin adhesives employ exclusively chemical bonding. This family of adhesives is characterised by high mechanical and chemical resistance once the adhesive has hardened, including total impermeability and high deformability.

Dispersion adhesives

These water-based adhesive systems bond through physical hardening when the water evaporates. It is applied easily by rolling, spraying or pouring. This ecological product has several advantages, including good storage stability, easy cleaning and low emissions.