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Gloss Tiles

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Gloss Finish Tiles

The light-enhancing effect achieved when cladding floors and walls with gloss-finish ceramic tiling is the main motive for choosing it as the floor or wall tile in a room.

Guaranteed brightness

The gloss effect has the powerful ability to draw attention to itself, eclipsing the other elements in the room. Choosing materials with a matte finish or different textures for the other elements occupaying the same space is therefore ideal.

Floor or wall tiles with a gloss finish are versatile pieces that are suited to any style and are particularly easy to clean and maintain.

Serving as light reflectors, they are the most recommendable option for decorating the smallest of spaces, optically increasing their size.

In addition to the classic glossy finish, PORCELANOSA Group adds a new polished finish to its catalogue, with a degree of light reflectance close to 72%. This new nuance is notable for its intense gloss that allows for delicate and silky surfaces.

Advantages of using ceramic in wall and floor tiles

Ceramic wall and floor tiles can be used in architecture to shape constructive approaches in interiors, exteriors, residential and commercial spaces or highly-transited areas. Their high durability and resistance make them highly suited to any space. Its inexpensive maintenance and low environmental impact, in addition to its high degree of resistance to chemicals and atmospheric agents, make ceramic tiling the ideal material in terms of efficiency and strength.

Ceramic is also considered to be an environmentally-friendly material since it is reusable, easily degradable and manufactured via increasingly cleaner production methods.