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Brown Floor Tiles

Charm and naturalness for all kinds of spaces with differents types of floor tiles

Brown Floor Tiles

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  1. Verbier Dark 80X80-Carrelage de Sol-Effet Pierre-100278249-T-500X500
    Verbier Dark 80X80
    £124.41 / sqm
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  2. Magma Black 59.6X59.6-Carrelage de Sol-Effet Pierre-100239411-T-500X500
    Magma Black 59.6X59.6
    £91.46 / sqm
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  3. Image Dark 44.3X44.3-Carrelage de Sol-Effet Pierre-100216252-T-500X500
    Image Dark 44.3X44.3
    £55.31 / sqm
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brown floor tiles

Brown Floor Tiles

Brown is achieved as a result of blending various bright colours, giving rise to another more neutral colour which, nonetheless, is one of the fundamental and most popular tones when choosing a project’s floors.

Brown floor tiles, between natural and classic

There is a broad range of possibilities for selecting ceramic floor tiles in brown tones. The most common are ceramic parquet floor pieces or tiles in natural stone effects such as granite, limestone, quartzite and basalt. Their finish, with a highly accurate simulation of the natural elements that inspire them, make these pieces a truly interesting product.

 Its gradation, which ranges from tanned or mink, to shades such as tobacco or chocolate brown, make it an especially versatile colour, that allows for many combinations within the same range.

Advantages of using ceramic in floor tiles

Ceramic floor tiles can be used in architecture to shape constructive approaches in interiors, exteriors, residential and commercial spaces or highly-transited areas.

The high durability and resistance of ceramic makes this material optimal for any space.