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Monochrome Floor Tiles

Charm and naturalness for all kinds of spaces with differents types of floor tiles

Monochrome Floor Tiles

2 results for Floor Tiles : Metallic Effect, Monochrome, Black, Bedroom, Living Room

  1. Ferroker 40X80
    Ferroker 40X80
    SQM Special Price
    £52.16 / sqm
    SQM Regular Price
    £86.92 / sqm
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  2. Ferroker 59.6X59.6-Floor tile-Metallic Effect-100149092-T-500X500
    Ferroker 59.6X59.6
    Special Price
    £53.91 / sqm
    Regular Price
    £89.85 / sqm
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2 results for Floor Tiles : Metallic Effect, Monochrome, Black, Bedroom, Living Room

monochrome effect

Monochrome Floor Tiles

Monochrome floor tiles are a highly versatile option when decorating the floors of any room.

They are a good alternative to achieve simple designs based on visual cleanliness as they provide spaces with a considerable sense of fluidity. This is due to the optical effect created by choosing a single colour to fill an entire space.

Decorative monochromy in floors

Used alone and in a single tone, monochrome tiles create eye-catching ensembles, fully drawing in the attention of those nearby.

Monochromy is an impressive decorative trend, further emphasised when adding furniture and accessories. This is why it is highly advisable for commercial spaces where a powerful impact on customers is sought.

Design with monochrome floor tiles

Creating an attractive design using monochrome pieces is an easy and pleasant process since they are available in many shapes and sizes and can be adapted to any need, style and goal.

Ceramic tiles can be used in architecture to shape constructive approaches in interiors, exteriors, residential and commercial spaces or highly-transited areas. Their high durability and resistance make them highly suited to any space. Its inexpensive maintenance and low environmental impact, in addition to its high degree of resistance to chemicals and atmospheric agents, make ceramic tiling the ideal material in terms of efficiency and strength.

Ceramic is also considered to be an environmentally-friendly material since it is reusable, easily degradable and manufactured via increasingly cleaner production methods.