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Wood Effect Floor Tiles

The collections of wood effect tiles are a highly valued option when choosing a flooring material not only due to its attractiveness and resistance.

Wood Effect Floor Tiles

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wood effect floor tiles

Wood Effect Floor Tiles

Using the best digital-printing technology, wood-effect ceramic floor tiles are currently difficult to distinguish from floors produced using natural wood.

Wood effect ceramic for all rooms

Their delicate feel, fine grain and realistic colour make this finish a great option for substituting natural woods, seeking greater practicality.

With a broad variety of formats, which emulate bevelled boards to neoclassical-style herringbone formats, and in shades and finishes that replicate walnuts, oaks, wengues, stripped or aged, PORCELANOSA Group’s product catalogue features Par-Ker, the wood-effect porcelain stoneware available in an endless array of nuances to decorate all settings, combining the warmth of wood and the low maintenance of ceramic.

Porcelain wood effect floor tiles

PORCELANOSA Group is a leading company in the manufacture and export of ceramic flooring. In tune with changing market trends, PORCELANOSA Group's collections have marked a new era in the interior design, construction, and architecture sectors. Reminiscent of the colors and textures of beech, oak, and cedar, this product combines the aesthetics of natural wood with the technical properties of ceramics. This advance has expanded the capacity and range of use for many spaces.

Unalterable and anti-slip ceramic floor tiles

One of the greatest qualities offered by this material is that it repels water due to its low porosity, making it an ideal choice for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, but also for outdoor settings such as the surrounding decking of swimming pools, since these floor tiles also features anti-slip technology.   

It is also recommended for use in outdoor areas since its colour and finish remain unaltered from the effect of solar radiation. Furthermore, it is strong enough to support average pedestrian transit and is a fire-resistant material, according to the requirements set out in the Technical Building Code.