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Technical Porcelain

Charm and naturalness for all kinds of spaces with differents types of floor tiles

Technical Porcelain

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Technical Porcelain

As part of the PORCELANOSA Group porcelain tile range, Urbatek offers a solution to the most exacting technical standards with its through-body porcelain that has less than 0.1% absorption, colour throughout its mass and is fully glazed, not enamelled.

The homogeneity of its shape means that it is a one-off element that is equally uniform and resistant throughout its structure. This product stands out for its versatility and the possibilities it offers for use under any conditions, however extreme.

It is also highly resistant to chemical agents, cleaning and maintenance products and reacts well to abrasion with high tensile strength, making it suitable for areas with a high level of transit or industrial environments.

The Porcelanosa Grupo’s through-body technical porcelain

This multifunctional product has a large variety of finishes that draw the viewers’ gaze through shapes that create a connection between exterior and interior spaces, and is available in polished, semi-polished, natural and relief textures, etc.

The latest trend in technical porcelain

Technical porcelain falls within the Premium category of porcelain stoneware, and is able to unify indoor and outdoor spaces within the same structure