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Porcelain Tiles

Unparalleled sense of continuity and practicality

Porcelain Tiles

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  1. Japan Marine 33.3X59.2
    Japan Marine 33.3X59.2
    £53.22 / sqm
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  2. Dover Antique 33.3X100
    Dover Antique 33.3X100
    £90.23 / sqm
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  3. Japan Marine 33.3X100-Carrelage de Mur-Effet Papier-100292259-T-500X500
    Japan Marine 33.3X100
    £85.36 / sqm
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  4. Barcelona D 59.6X59.6-Carrelage de Sol-Effet Carreaux de Ciment-100155912-T-500X500
    Barcelona D 59.6X59.6
    £111.77 / sqm
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  5. Japan Marine 25X44.3-Carrelage de Mur-Effet Papier-100273021-T-500X500
    Japan Marine 25X44.3
    £38.64 / sqm
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  6. Malaga Ocean 25X44.3-Carrelage de Mur-Effet Mosaïque-100273301-T-500X500
    Malaga Ocean 25X44.3
    £41.87 / sqm
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  7. Marbella Blue 45X120-Carrelage de Mur-Effet Carreaux de Ciment-100214642-T-500X500
    Marbella Blue 45X120
    £92.90 / sqm
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  8. Japan Marine 31.6X59.2-Carrelage de Mur-Effet Papier-100141181-T-500X500
    Japan Marine 31.6X59.2
    £53.15 / sqm
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  9. Japan Marine 44.3X44.3-Carrelage de Sol-Effet Papier-100296240-T-500X500
    Japan Marine 44.3X44.3
    £55.31 / sqm
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Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain is a ceramic material that is compact, anti-slip, highly resistant and has very low water absorption. Therefore, it is an ideal option for wall or floor tiles for different locations such as exteriors, interiors, wet areas, commercial and industrial spaces or as cladding for façades and interior walls.

High-performance technical porcelain and extrafine porcelain

Porcelain is manufactured using a single firing process and is produced with designs and finishes inspired by natural materials such as stone, marble, granite and wood. There are also anti-slip versions for optimal installation as exterior floor tiles.

In order to comply with the high demands of construction and architecture professionals, PORCELANOSA Group’s technical porcelain stoneware, Urbatek, is homogeneous, uniform, ultra resistant and easy to maintain. Its versatility and technical qualities mean that it always remains in optimal condition, even with its most delicate finishes, despite adverse weather conditions or when the area highly transited.

Porcelain tiles, the favourite for housing projects

In addition to its excellent resistance as floor tiles for highly-transited locations, porcelain pieces easily tolerate sharp temperature changes. Therefore, they are also highly regarded for cladding buildings, forming part of a ventilated façade or bonded façade system.

XLight extrafine porcelain is ideal as decorative a wall tile for interior spaces due to its low weight, minimal thickness and modular formats that prevent the creation of rubble during construction work.

Only neutral or surfactant soap and clean water are required for the day-to-day cleaning of technical ceramics. In the event of significant stains, commercial degreasing solutions can be applied.