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Natural Wood

Sustainability and durability are two defining principles of our wood floors.

Natural Wood

Environmentally friendly wood flooring

All of the wood used in the production of our wooden floors comes from sustainable forests, ensuring compliance with EU environmental regulations aimed at reducing massive tree felling and avoiding the waste of natural resources. In this regard, the FSC environmental quality seal validates our sustainable production methods and processes, which encourage continuous replanting and the development of new green spaces.

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Natural wood flooring

Wooden floors add warmth, simplicity, and natural beauty to any space. It is a standout material in interior design because of its decorative potential and timelessness.

Exclusive and natural wood floors

We have a variety of woods to choose from, including French oak, American maple, cherry, and beech. Designs that add a vintage or rustic feel to living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways, among other places. Because of the variety of woods available, this material is suitable for a wide range of projects, both residential and commercial. Its application complements almost any decorative style and is always in style. It works well with washed tones, natural fibres, and other organic elements, contributing to a raw, natural look.

Benefits of wooden floors

Wood flooring is easy to install, maintain, and are environmentally friendly – the raw materials used in their manufacture have all of the necessary quality certifications. Furthermore, because of their practicality and aesthetics, parquet floors are an appealing option. Not only that, but this type of flooring provides thermal insulation, reduces footfall noise, and adapts to a wide range of designs due to its variety of tones and finishes.